How to select best Dutch oven

Calphalon Dutch Oven Review

About a Dutch oven – It is a large, mostly cylindrical, and a heavy pot that is suitable for both stovetop and oven use, has an oven safe lid and can go straight into the oven from the stove. These are said to be made firstly Pennsylvanian and the Dutch people in 1700s, they are made with bare cast iron and in large sizes, which develops a nonstick surface if seasoned properly. They are tend to be heavy in weight, can be used to cook many types of dishes, are generally used for water-based or moist cooking, and mainly for making stews and soups. It can also be used for cooking different types of recipes like baking, and deep frying.

There are many type of dutch ovens available in different budget. You can get some of the best dutch oven under $100 budget.

Types of Dutch ovens –

  • Cast iron Dutch ovens – these type Dutch ovens are in large size, grey in color, comes with an oven safe lid and mainly used in winters. It can be used for cooking meat or chicken dishes or any other type of recipe that will be cooked for a big family gathering and can be taken camping also. Its cost will differ with its different sizes, so some of these can be more expensive, and each of these pots can hold up to 6 quarts for cooking.
  • Enameled Dutch ovens – this type of Dutch ovens can be less expensive or can be available in cheap prizes, they are enameled from inside and do not need to be seasoned before cooking, and it comes in many colors. These products are nonstick, easy to use, can be used both in stovetops and ovens, and when all people are living a fast life they need these products.

One of the best dutch oven is Calphalon Dutch Oven.

Some of the Dutch oven products and qualities –

  • Lodge Color 7.5-Quart Dutch Oven – it costs – $86, it is a modified version of classic cast iron Dutch oven with enameled coating, with sturdy and classic detailing, and is available in a very accessible rate.
  • Guy Fieri 7-Quart Dutch Oven – it costs – $89, it is a new product launched by the company after its success in sales of other similar products and has a gorgeous look. It also good depth in the pot that can be helpful while cooking food for many people or for party purpose or in a campfire, and has very fine detailing in the edges which makes the product very attractive. It can be a good product for buying in a cheap price.
  • Tramontina 7-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven – it costs -$149.95, this product is receiving lots of positive responses by the users and the critics, it is cheaper and quiet lovely. Although it doesn’t have so much of design but can be a good choice for those who like cook and serve delicious food dishes.
  • Staub 7-Quart Oval Cocotte – it costs -$300, it is quiet expensive, liked by many people, looks beautiful and elegant, comes in oval shape, and also available in black enamel color which looks same as the cast iron pots.
  • Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron 7-1/4-Quart French Oven – it costs -$315, it is available in famous flame color and various styles, is one of the enduring and classic pieces one can have in their kitchen. It can be a little more expensive and are not affordable for every person.